Our Story

What drives our passion behind Root & Leaf

Ayurveda means the ‘Science of Life’. It is undisputedly the oldest system of Healthcare known to humankind. The literature of Ayurveda that is available to us is in simplified form and is a few thousand years old but Ayurveda, as a Science and an Institution, has existed for a far greater period of time, possibly several lakh years.

Centuries of foreign rule have degraded our perception of the might of vast knowledge and wisdom that we have held in the form of Vedas.

Although modern medical sciences have come a long way since their inception, but they are still evolving.

Would you start applying hair oil after you go bald?

Well, that is the approach of modern medicine towards Health. You start thinking about Health only after you have lost it.

On the contrary, the Ayurveda approach to Health is to Preserve it and Enhance it with the use of Natural Herbs and the practice of Yog. Adopting Ayurveda in our lifestyle can have an almost magical impact on our lives. It can potentially Elevate an individual’s Health to a state where the Body, Mind and Spirit are self-sustaining and competent enough to resist disease and fight infection without depending on chemical based drugs.

Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine is now being acknowledged and accepted worldwide as a safer form of treatment because it does not cause harmful side effects like those caused by modern synthetic medicine.

There are cases where modern medicine is more suitable but these synthetic medicines only address the symptoms of disease and ultimately weaken the body.

This is where Ayurveda is superior, because not only is it safe, it eradicates the root cause of disease over a period of time, nourishes and rejuvenates body tissues and hence, establishes holistic wellness.

Novel research in medicine is also directing towards Ayurveda, for example, Circadian Medicine and Modern Dietary Supplements are merely a fresh approach to the age old principles prescribed in the authoritative writings of Ayurveda.

Thus, with our belief in the richness of our Heritage, we have established Root and Leaf.

Our aim is to help each individual realize their potential in terms of Holistic Health and Lifestyle.

Our Mission

We strive towards uplifting the Health of Mankind to its fullest potential.


Rediscovering the laws of Nature through knowledge of Vedas and combining them with modern sophistication to create solutions for modern day health problems.

Why ROOT & Leaf?

Ayurvedic Formulation

Ingredients and methods of extraction & processing are according to Ayurvedic System.


Our products are highly effective. Efficacy of Optimum Sugar (Ayush 82) has been thoroughly studied and supported by clinical trials.

Superior Quality

Preparation of our products employs the highest standards of Quality Control and Manufacturing.


Our formulations are made from Herbal and Mineral extracts and do no contain synthetic drugs.

Modern Research

Optimum Sugar is based on Ayush 82 which is a research formulation of the CCRAS.

Holistic Solution to Diabetes

Tackles root causes of Diabetes, corrects impaired physiology and revives body’s natural processes. Also prevents other organs like Heart, Eyes, Kidneys, Brain, Nerves, etc. from the long term ill effects of Diabetes.


Our products do not cause harmful side effects.

Excellent for Pre-diabetics

Optimum Sugar is an outstanding solution for people who are on the borderline for diabetes.
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Natural is Better

Let’s fight diabetes together with this Vedic formulation

Optimum Sugar can help you fight diabetes, naturally. Just take the recommended dosage daily and feel the difference. This Ayurvedic medicine is a result of dedicated effort of scientists of CCRAS, who have come up with this Vedic solution to diabetes.