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Root and Leaf uses five essential ingredients that fight diabetes

amra beeja

Amra Beeja (Mango Seed):

Amra Beeja is commonly known for its medicinal properties. It is considered a very healthy ingredient in Ayurveda. Various parts of its plant are used as an astringent, antiseptic, dentifrice,etc. Amra Beeja is considered especially useful for Diabetes. It contains Carotenoids, Polyphenols, Mangiferin, Gallic Acid derivatives, Triterpenoids, Tannins, and easily digestible dietary fibers. Through these ingredients, Amra helps in fighting the blood sugar levels in a diabetic patient. Amra Beeja is included in Optimum Sugar due to its excellent properties in increasing the glucose regulating hormone levels in the body that helps in fighting Diabetes.

amra beeja
karel beeja

Karela Beeja (Momordica Charantia Seeds):

Karela or Bitter melon has many medicinal properties as described in Ayurveda. Karela Beeja enhances the effectiveness of Optimum Sugar in dealing with diabetes. This ingredient is commonly used as an anti-diabetic medication in India. Karela Beeja contains certain compounds, such as Polypeptide P, that help in managing glucose levels. Ethanolic extracts of Momordica Charantia seeds have antihyperglycemic and hypoglycemic effect that caters to the management of sugar level in a diabetic patient. Kerala seeds contain a lectin that reduces the concentration of blood glucose via suppressing the appetite, showing hypoglycemic effect in a person. Karela is known for its anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and antioxidant properties that help in promoting overall health.

gudmar patra

Gudmar Patra (Gymnema Sylvestre Leaves):

The literal meaning of the name “Gudmar” is the “destroyer of sugar”. Gudmar is mentioned in Ayurveda for its property of limiting diabetic symptoms. Gymnema Sylvestre Leaves possess anti-diabetic properties that help in regulating the levels of glucose. Generally, Gudmar Patra is consumed after a meal so that it suppresses the post-meal sugar levels, and thus control sugar absorption in the blood. The regular consumption of leaves of this plant reduce blood sugar levels over time that results in improving the complications of diabetes in the long run. Gymnema Sylvestre Leaves are also helpful in regulating bad cholesterol in the body and reducing the risk of heart diseases. This quality of Gudmar Patra comes from its ability to control the sugar levels and curbing regular sugar cravings. Adding Gudmar Patra extracts in Optimum Sugar has increased its efficacy in controlling the sugar levels in a diabetic patient.

gudmar patra
Jambu beeja

Jambu Beeja (Syzygium Cumini Seeds):

Jambu is considered to be the “fruit of Gods” in Ayurveda. Traditionally, it has been used for treating various health-related problems for several thousand years. This plant is native to India, which is used by various traditional healers for treating diabetes in rural regions. Jambu seed extracts contain Triterpenoids, Saponins, Oleic acid, Essential oils, Anthocyanins, Glycosides, and Flavonoids that help in regulating and controlling the blood sugar levels. Jambu Beeja as an ingredient in Optimum Sugar regulates the glucose levels in a diabetic patient. Regular usage of Jambu seed extracts can help in controlling the complications associated with diabetes in the long run. Jambu Beeja is acrid, cooling, sweet, sour, liver tonic, and haematinic in nature. These properties of Jambu seeds also help in treating antidiuretic ailments, diarrhea and urinary disorders.


Shudh Shilajit (Asphaltum):

Shilajit, in Ayurvedic terms, translates to “Conqueror of rocks”. This mineral is found in the Himalayan range. It has various medicinal properties that help in dealing with numerous ailments. Such nature of Shilajit has raised the potency of Optimum Sugar. Shilajit is famous as a Rasayana Dravya, which means a rejuvenating substance. It is a phyto-complex substance that contains ingredients such as organic trace minerals, Fulvic Acid, Humic Acid, amino acids, antioxidants,etc. Minerals in Shilajit like Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Chromium and Vanadium are also known to be beneficial for diabetics. It has been used to control diabetes and related complications in Ayurvedic formulations for over a thousand years. Properties of Shudh Shilajit are efficient in decreasing the symptoms of diabetes and boosting the sensitivity of glucose regulating hormone. Shudh Shilajit is not only a remedy for curing physical diseases but also in treating psychological ailments.


A Derivation of Ayush 82

The Ayush 82 formula was developed by scientists of Central Council of Research in Ayurvedic Science (CCRAS), under the Ministry of Ayush, for managing diabetes mellitus.

The Ayush 82 formula is clinically tested on human volunteers. The Anti-Diabetic medicine produced by this formula is side-effect free.

These five essential ingredients contain nutrients and minerals to prevent diabetes naturally. Ayush 82 formula, which combines all these ingredients, has been extensively tested on human volunteers by Ministry of Ayush, Govt. of India.
Root and Leaf adapts Ayush 82 formulation to blend these herbs, seeds and minerals to create an effective herbal medicine for diabetes.