Medica Pile-14 | Proven effectiveness in healing Piles


Each Tablet contains extracts derived from 14 different herbs. Extremely helpful in treating prominent symptoms of piles like constant itching, bleeding, hemorrhoid’s (lumps around anus) and fissures.

Medica Pile-14 | Proven effectiveness in healing Piles

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Each Tablet contains extracts derived from 14 powerful herbs along with Shudh Guggul and Shilajit. Extremely helpful in treating prominent symptoms of piles like constant itching, bleeding, hemorrhoids and fissures.

Benefits of


Shrinks Piles Mass

MedicaPile 14 effectively reduces piles mass by utilizing natural herbal and mineral ingredients.

Relieves Constipation

Constipation relief is achieved by promoting bowel movements and improved digestion through the highly efficacious herbal formulation.

Arrests Bleeding

Hemorrhoid bleeding is controlled by blood vessel constriction and healing of the affected area.

KEY Ingredients


Amla is effective in regulating the bowl movement and hence cures chronic constipation.


Harad is an extremely powerful herb comprises of minerals like selenium, Manganese, potassium, iron and copper. Also, it has proteins and antibiotic properties due to which harad is another important component helpful in piles treatment.


Baheda powder helps in improving metabolism and increases the digestive fire. Therefore, leading to easy release of stool.


Arjuna has a very cold nature and contains astringent properties that helps in reducing the pain while passing stool.


Senna Seeds are helpful in treating hemorrhoids which is a major symptom and one of the most problematic issue in piles.


It acts as a natural laxative and helps promote bowel movement which eases excretion of stool from the body. Therefore, helping in preventing constipation.


Shilajeet is an ayurvedic solution for inflamed hemorrhoids. It is very helpful in treating pain, itchiness and bleeding.


Sonth regulates metabolism, helps in relieving constipation and hence extremely helpful in curing piles.


Kutki is effective in stomach related issues and also very helpful in treating piles


Due to its laxative nature, Amaltas is a promising remedy for constipation.


Saunf helps in indigestion issues and effective in curing hemorrhoids.


Due to its astringent properties, Nagkesar is a boon for those with immense bleeding due to piles.


Peepal helps in clearing the digestive system regularly and properly which is extremely important as digestion plays an important role in treating piles.


By avoiding constipation problems, Neem is capable of preventing hemorrhoids. Hence, considered helpful in Piles treatment.

Abrak Bhasm

Abrak bhasm has a very strong laxative nature and peristaltic effects. It helps in softening the stool, leading to smooth passage that results in getting rid of constipation.

Shudh Guggul

Guggul shrinks pile mass and also heals fissures and fistula.

What does the product do?

After 1 week

Relieves constipation

  • Relieves constipation.

After 2 Weeks

Controls bleeding

  • Relieves pain and swelling.

After 3 Weeks

Shrinks pile mass

  • Shrinks pile mass.

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Excessive straining in the lower bottom due to chronic constipation or even diarrhoea over long periods can cause Piles.

Hemmorhoids and piles are the same.

Yes, you can. You should consult your physician on how to manage doses of each medicine. We can also help you with it by connecting you with an Ayurveda expert.

MedicaPile – 14 is made from 15 time tested Ayurvedic ingredients that help relieve symptoms of piles as well as treat the root cause.

1 tablet thrice daily i.e. total 3 tablets preferably half an hour after meals.

Duration of treatment depends on the stage of disease, diet and lifestyle of each individual and how their body responds to the treatment.

Ingredients in MedicaPile-14 are not reported to cause any side effects when used in the recommended doses.

You can write to us on WhatsApp and we will book a consultation for you with the appropriate Ayurveda expert.

Avoid oily, spicy, sour, maida containing foods, caffeinated beverages, meat, alcohol and fast foods during treatment.

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