Sunita Arya


I have diabetes for more than 10 years.My sugar levels go above 300 very often and cross 400 sometimes. 5 months ago my sugar levels started fluctuating very abruptly so I started looking for a solution. I am taking Optimum Sugar tablets for 4 months now.
Fluctuations have stopped and sugar levels remain constantly below 190. I am very satisfied with it.


Mahesh Chawla

New Delhi

I am on borderline for Diabetes and a relative recommended Optimum Sugar 2 months ago. I am eating since then but irregularly, still i have seen improvement in my sugar.

Umesh Verma

I have been suffering from diabetes. I was constantly experiencing weakness, fatigue, constipation, blurred eyesight, obesity, ache in eyes, head, legs and bottom of feet. I have been taking Optimum Sugar Tablets for last three months. My body ache, blurred eyes & headache have subsided. My digestion has become normal. I am experiencing very good levels of energy throughout the day and no weakness or fatigue.